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The War on Men


by Alex Kanuha

When a friend texts me a hyperlink, it’s rarely (actually, never) a Fox News opinion article. Let’s just say there is a reason for that. The latest one? Suzanne Venker. According to Venker, an author who “accidentally stumbled upon a subculture of men” that will never get married, the war of the sexes is alive and well and mostly women’s fault. Who initiated the discord between men and women? Feminists, of course. Who knew that calling for equal rights and better treatment of women would actually push men toward “retreating from marriage en masse?”

In a nutshell, the piece is an attack on feminist ideology with an ironic bit of male-bashing. It seems as though Venker is defending men and women, but she is only perpetuating—almost inventing—the idea that men cannot reconcile “this new phenomenon” of women becoming the majority of the U.S. workforce and getting the most college degrees.

I will confidently say that women seeking active roles in society is not emasculating to me, nor does it dissuade me from the idea that marriage is mutually beneficial to both sexes. Furthermore, both concepts have nothing to do with each other; women shouldn’t be forced to “surrender to their nature” or “their femininity” in order to appease male egotism and become marriage worthy. Modern life is not a fairytale. Marriage isn’t going anywhere.

Maybe men are less concerned with finding a successful marriage now than a decade earlier, but that doesn’t mean women are at fault. There have been numerous social and cultural changes, aside from the sexual revolution, that could have potentially contributed to current sentiments toward marriage. It’s sure as hell not because “women aren’t women anymore.” Women are more womanly than ever before, and it’s great. The “balanced life [women] seek” is no longer grounded on male dependence, but that doesn’t mean men and women must be at war. That was the past, and it’s time to move on toward a more tolerant future.

Read the full article here.


3 thoughts on “The War on Men

  1. Bravo, Alex. Very well said. It seems that the flks at Fox News cannot stop putting thier feet in thier mouths, but thoughtfl, well-expressed responses like these make the frustration worth it. Thanks for this.

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    Bravo, Alex.
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